Lenny Hoisington, Central Bark Rochester Owner

Lenny and Emily met in Milwaukee in 2013 while attending college. Lenny earned an MBA while Emily graduated with a nursing degree. Upon meeting, they found out they were both from Rochester, MN. The couple married in 2017.

While living in Milwaukee, they adopted a puppy and were given a slew of information on different “day cares” “pet washes” and every other pet service imaginable. Lenny wasn’t even sure he believed in the concept of “doggy day care” until he received a discount puppy pack from Central Bark in Milwaukee.

After bringing Baxter a couple of times to Central Bark, they were hooked! By the time Lenny and Emily got married, Baxter was attending day care two to three days a week and they absolutely loved the improvement in behavior and reduction in anxiety they saw.

When Lenny and Emily began to think about moving back to Rochester, they realized there was not a place quite like Central Bark in the Rochester area and recognized a need in the community.

They are both thrilled to have opened the first Central Bark in Rochester in 2019 with a new baby on the way.